AMCON Recruitment 2024

Do you want to join the AMCON ? This guide gives you all the info you need! It shows you how to apply online, what qualifications you need, and how the selection process works.


AMCON helps banks in Nigeria when people don’t pay back loans. They hire new workers for jobs like handling money, legal matters, and collecting debts.

To get a job at AMCON, they first put up information about it on the internet. People who want the job send their information and details about school. AMCON looks at all the information to pick the right people.

The chosen ones have interviews and tests to see if they are good for the job. If they do well, AMCON offers them the job and teaches them about how AMCON works.

This way, everyone gets a fair chance, and AMCON picks the best people to help banks and the Nigerian economy.


AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria) periodically offers various positions and career opportunities to individuals who are passionate about contributing to the organization’s mandate of resolving non-performing loans and promoting financial stability in Nigeria. These positions span across different departments and functions, providing diverse opportunities for professionals with various skills and expertise.

Some of the positions and career opportunities that may be available at AMCON include:

  1. Financial Analyst: Responsible for analyzing financial data, evaluating investment opportunities, and providing insights to support decision-making processes within the organization.
  2. Legal Officer: Handles legal matters, including contract negotiations, litigation management, and regulatory compliance to ensure that AMCON operates within the legal framework.
  3. Risk Management Specialist: Develops and implements risk management strategies, assesses potential risks to AMCON’s operations, and recommends measures to mitigate risks effectively.
  4. Asset Recovery Manager: Leads efforts to recover non-performing loans and distressed assets through negotiation, restructuring, and legal proceedings, working closely with internal and external stakeholders.
  5. Credit Analyst: Evaluates creditworthiness, assesses loan applications, and monitors loan portfolios to minimize credit risks and maximize the recovery of outstanding debts.
  6. Human Resources Officer: Manages recruitment, employee relations, performance management, and training programs to support the development and engagement of AMCON’s workforce.
  7. Information Technology Specialist: Implements and maintains IT systems, networks, and security protocols to enhance operational efficiency and safeguard AMCON’s digital assets.
  8. Compliance Officer: Ensures that AMCON adheres to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies to uphold integrity and transparency in its operations.
  9. Communications Specialist: Develops and executes communication strategies, handles media relations, and promotes AMCON’s objectives to key stakeholders and the public.
  10. Administrative Assistant: Provides administrative support to various departments, including scheduling meetings, handling correspondence, and maintaining office records.

These are just a few examples of the positions and career opportunities that individuals may find at AMCON. Depending on organizational needs and recruitment cycles, additional roles may also be available. AMCON is committed to attracting and retaining talented professionals who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in Nigeria’s financial sector.


AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria) offers various recruitment programs aimed at attracting talented individuals and nurturing their potential to contribute effectively to the organization’s mandate. These programs provide opportunities for candidates at different career stages, from entry-level positions to experienced professionals seeking to advance their careers within the organization.

Some of the prominent recruitment programs offered by AMCON include:

  1. Graduate Trainee Program: This program is designed for recent graduates who have completed their tertiary education and are looking to kickstart their careers in the financial sector. Graduate trainees undergo structured training and development initiatives aimed at equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to excel in their roles within AMCON. They may rotate through different departments to gain exposure to various aspects of the organization’s operations.
  2. Management Trainee Program: The Management Trainee Program is targeted at individuals with some professional experience who demonstrate leadership potential and a desire to assume managerial roles within AMCON. Participants receive specialized training in areas such as finance, risk management, asset recovery, and leadership development. They are groomed to take on leadership responsibilities and contribute to the strategic objectives of the organization.
  3. Internship Program: AMCON’s Internship Program offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practical insights into the workings of the organization. Interns work under the guidance of experienced professionals and are exposed to real-world challenges and projects. This program serves as a valuable platform for individuals to apply their academic knowledge in a professional setting and explore potential career paths within AMCON.
  4. Experienced Hire Program: Experienced professionals with relevant industry experience are recruited through AMCON’s Experienced Hire Program to fill mid-level to senior positions within the organization. AMCON seeks individuals with proven expertise in areas such as finance, law, risk management, asset management, and strategic planning. Candidates are selected based on their qualifications, track record of accomplishments, and alignment with AMCON’s values and objectives.
  5. Specialized Recruitment Drives: In addition to the aforementioned programs, AMCON may conduct specialized recruitment drives to fill specific roles or address critical skill gaps within the organization. These drives may target professionals with specialized skills or expertise in areas such as information technology, legal services, credit analysis, and asset recovery.

Overall, AMCON’s recruitment programs are designed to attract top talent, foster professional development, and build a diverse and dynamic workforce capable of driving the organization’s mission forward. By investing in recruitment and talent development initiatives, AMCON aims to strengthen its capacity to address non-performing loans and promote financial stability in Nigeria.


Here’s an outline of the eligibility criteria for each of AMCON’s recruitment programs:

  1. Graduate Trainee Program:
    • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution in a relevant field of study.
    • Age Limit: Typically, candidates should be below a certain age limit, usually around 26-30 years old.
    • Experience: No prior work experience is required, although internships or relevant extracurricular activities may be advantageous.
    • Other Requirements: Strong academic performance, excellent communication skills, and a passion for the financial sector.
  2. Management Trainee Program:
    • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, preferably with a postgraduate qualification (e.g., MBA) for some roles.
    • Experience: Some relevant work experience, typically 1-3 years, in fields related to finance, management, or consulting.
    • Leadership Potential: Demonstrated leadership abilities, strategic thinking, and potential to assume managerial responsibilities.
    • Other Requirements: Strong analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and a proactive attitude towards learning and development.
  3. Internship Program:
    • Educational Qualification: Currently enrolled in a recognized tertiary institution or recent graduates within a specified timeframe (usually within one year of graduation).
    • Field of Study: Candidates should be pursuing or have completed degrees in relevant fields such as finance, economics, law, business administration, or related disciplines.
    • Duration: Internships typically range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the specific program and the candidate’s availability.
    • Other Requirements: Strong academic record, willingness to learn, and ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  4. Experienced Hire Program:
    • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognized institution in a relevant field of study.
    • Experience: Significant professional experience (usually 5-10 years or more) in areas such as finance, law, risk management, asset management, or other specialized fields.
    • Expertise: Demonstrated expertise in specific domains relevant to the position being applied for, along with a track record of accomplishments and contributions to previous organizations.
    • Other Requirements: Strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
  5. Specialized Recruitment Drives:
    • Eligibility criteria for specialized recruitment drives may vary depending on the specific roles being targeted and the skills or expertise required.
    • Generally, candidates should possess relevant qualifications, certifications, and experience in the designated field or discipline.
    • Additional requirements may include specific technical skills, industry certifications, or professional affiliations.

It’s important to note that the eligibility criteria outlined above are general guidelines and may vary based on the specific requirements of each recruitment program and the discretion of AMCON’s recruitment team. Candidates are encouraged to carefully review the official recruitment announcements and job postings for detailed information on eligibility criteria and application instructions.


Here are the general requirements for all positions at AMCON:

  • Candidates must be Nigerian citizens.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution. Higher degrees or professional certifications may be required for certain roles.
  • Candidates should typically be within a specified age range, which may vary depending on the position and level of experience required.
  • Relevant work experience may be required for mid-level to senior positions, while entry-level roles may accept candidates with limited or no prior experience.
  • Candidates should possess relevant skills and competencies related to the position, such as analytical skills, communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and proficiency in relevant software or tools.
  • Candidates must demonstrate high ethical standards, integrity, and a commitment to upholding AMCON’s values and principles.
  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities, work effectively under pressure, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices relevant to the position.
  • Proficiency in English language (both written and verbal) is usually required. Additional language skills may be an advantage depending on the nature of the role and the organization’s needs.
  • Proficiency in basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), as well as specialized software or tools relevant to the position.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to build relationships, collaborate with colleagues, and interact effectively with stakeholders at all levels.

These general requirements serve as a baseline for candidates applying to positions at AMCON. However, specific job postings may include additional criteria or qualifications tailored to the demands of each role. Candidates are encouraged to carefully review the official job announcements and follow the instructions for application provided by AMCON.


The application site for AMCON Recruitment 2024 is not open right now. When it opens, we will share the link and how to apply. Keep checking the AMCON Recruitment Portal for updates

To apply for positions at AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria), follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the official website of AMCON ( to access the latest job vacancies and recruitment updates. Job openings are typically posted on the careers or recruitment section of the website.
  2. Review Job Postings: Carefully review the available job postings to identify positions that match your skills, qualifications, and career goals. Each job posting will provide detailed information about the position, including eligibility criteria, responsibilities, and requirements.
  3. Prepare Application Materials: Gather all required application materials, including your updated resume or curriculum vitae (CV), cover letter, academic transcripts, professional certifications, and any other supporting documents requested in the job posting.
  4. Submit Online Application: Follow the instructions provided in the job posting to submit your application online through the designated application portal or email address. Complete all required fields accurately and upload your application materials as specified.
  5. Double-Check Information: Before submitting your application, double-check all information for accuracy and completeness. Ensure that your resume or CV is up-to-date and tailored to the specific position you are applying for.
  6. Submit Application: Once you have completed the online application process and attached all required documents, submit your application before the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be considered, so ensure that you adhere to the application deadline.
  7. Await Communication: After submitting your application, await communication from AMCON regarding the status of your application. This may include notification of receipt, invitations for interviews or assessments, or updates on the recruitment process.
  8. Prepare for Interviews: If selected for further consideration, prepare thoroughly for any interviews or assessments scheduled by AMCON. Research the organization, review the job description, and be ready to discuss your qualifications, experiences, and suitability for the position.
  9. Follow-Up: If you have not heard back from AMCON within a reasonable timeframe after submitting your application, consider following up politely to inquire about the status of your application. Be patient and professional in your communication.

By following these steps, you can effectively apply for positions at AMCON and increase your chances of being considered for employment opportunities within the organization.


The selection procedure for positions at AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria) typically involves several stages aimed at identifying qualified candidates who align with the organization’s values and possess the skills and competencies required for the role. While specific procedures may vary depending on the position and recruitment process, the following outlines a general overview of the selection procedure:

  1. Application Screening: Upon receiving applications, AMCON’s recruitment team conducts an initial screening to assess candidates’ qualifications, experience, and suitability for the position. Applications that meet the minimum requirements are shortlisted for further consideration.
  2. Assessment Tests: Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo assessment tests, which could include aptitude tests, psychometric assessments, or technical assessments depending on the nature of the role. These tests evaluate candidates’ cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and relevant competencies.
  3. Interview: Candidates who perform well in the assessment tests may be invited to participate in interviews. The interview panel typically consists of AMCON representatives, including hiring managers, HR professionals, and subject matter experts. Interviews may be conducted in-person, via video conference, or over the phone and aim to assess candidates’ qualifications, experience, and suitability for the role.
  4. Background Checks: As part of the selection process, AMCON conducts background checks on shortlisted candidates to verify their educational qualifications, employment history, professional certifications, and other relevant credentials. This helps to ensure the accuracy and integrity of candidates’ information.
  5. Reference Checks: AMCON may also contact referees provided by candidates to obtain feedback on their past performance, work ethic, and suitability for the position. References may include previous employers, academic supervisors, or other professional contacts.
  6. Final Selection: Based on the results of the assessment tests, interviews, background checks, and reference checks, AMCON’s recruitment team makes final decisions regarding the selection of candidates for employment. Selected candidates are typically offered employment contracts, contingent upon the successful completion of any remaining pre-employment requirements.
  7. Onboarding: Once candidates accept employment offers, they undergo an onboarding process to familiarize themselves with AMCON’s policies, procedures, organizational culture, and job responsibilities. This may include orientation sessions, training programs, and introductions to key stakeholders.

Throughout the selection procedure, AMCON strives to uphold principles of fairness, transparency, and equal opportunity, ensuring that all candidates are treated impartially and given a fair chance to demonstrate their capabilities. By following a rigorous selection process, AMCON aims to recruit talented individuals who can contribute effectively to the organization’s mission and objectives.

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