How to Understand Consumer Character and Behavior to Increase Sales

As a businessman, taking an approach by understanding the character of consumers is an important thing to do.

Why is that? This is usually because each consumer has their own uniqueness, so it is necessary to approach it with a different method.

If you are a salesperson and then you try to generalize to all potential customers, then you are making a big mistake.

To get the best results, a seller must have a different approach depending on who the potential customer is.

By studying the character of existing consumers, you will be able to maximize the final results you want to get from potential customers.

The final result is a purchase decision made by the prospective customer.

Consumer Character from the Seller’s Point of View

Potential Consumers

This type of potential consumer should be the priority of your target market.

Technically, potential consumers are not yet your customers, but they have the potential to become consumers.

Make sure you provide complete and best service and information to the type of potential customer.

These types usually have shown an interest in the products or services that you sell, either through filling out the contact form, asking questions to your marketing channel, or at least visiting your website and subscribing.

For these potential consumers, you can do a little provocation to make them make a decision to buy as soon as possible.

One way is to give them a discount.

Of course, giving discounts to potential consumers would be a very effective method.

However, make sure you also clearly show the value of the product or service you are selling to potential customers before giving a discount.

You have to put more emphasis on the things that catch their attention, and make sure that what they are looking for can be found through your product.

New Consumer

This time, you will be dealing with people who have just bought your product.

New customers will usually enter an adapting phase when they try to make their first purchase, so you need to make sure that this adaptation phase goes smoothly.

Even though you have succeeded in getting them to buy your product, you can’t just leave them alone.

You have to make sure every new customer feels comfortable and happy in using the product or service you sell.

To make sure new customers feel comfortable and happy, you need to provide direction to these new customers.

Usually the process of giving directions is done by providing a complete explanation of the product and how to use it or the system it works.

In addition, after providing a clear explanation, you also need to provide a contact that can be contacted.

The contact number you provide will make it easier for new consumers when they have problems with the product they just purchased.

Impulsive Consumer

This type of consumer is the type of consumer who can make decisions quickly, depending if the conditions that occur are very right.

You don’t need to be overly persuasive in convincing an impulsive type of consumer.

What an impulsive consumer needs is the convenience it provides.

The easier the steps given to be able to buy your product or service, the greater the chance that impulsive consumers will decide to buy.

Example: If you offer a delivery service, then the convenience that you offer, such as the ease of tracking the goods sent, or the convenience of picking up goods will be one of the important things that will encourage impulsive consumers to make a purchase decision .

So, to get these impulsive consumers you have to make sure that all the processes that occur are automatic and easy to use.

This will make you one step ahead of the competitors.

Plus, if you get questions from consumers who are impulsive, then respond quickly and briefly but clearly.

Consumer Discounts

This type of consumer is a consumer who has seen the value you offer from the product or service, but is still reluctant to buy it at the existing price.

To deal with this type of consumer, their persuasive efforts may be in vain.

What you can do is to give them some discounts or offers.

However, when the discount you provide has run out, you may find it difficult to keep it a customer.

This type of consumer will usually leave once the discount provided is up and is not valid.

Therefore, to increase your chances of keeping this type of customer as a customer, you need to show him that he not only gets a product at a discount, but also gets great customer service with his purchase.

Be sure to add value to the product that will make consumers think twice before switching to another company.

Loyal Consumer

You certainly hope that all the consumers you have are loyal to your product or service.

Loyal consumers will usually keep coming back to you, and can even become brand ambassadors for you with the possibility of word of mouth marketing happening.

Loyal consumers will recommend your product or service to their friends and family.

Therefore, this type of consumer has a tremendous influence on your business.

Always give all the best for them in terms of products and after sales service , and see the results that will be given.

Understanding Consumer Behavior

Know Who and How Your Consumer Character Is

In this digital era, consumers are becoming more diverse.

Not only that, the consumer segment can start to be more specific.

So actually, to know who your consumers are exactly so that later you can clearly understand customer behavior.

You can get to know consumers through their demographics and psychographics.

For example, by building customer profiles.

Ask yourself as many relevant questions as you can about your customers.

For example,

  • Are they women or men?
  • Do they have their own house?
  • How often do they go on vacation?
  • Here are some examples:

Know What Consumers Want

In addition to the character of consumers, the important thing to be able to understand consumer behavior is to know their needs and wants .

Your customers have wants and needs.

They will be happy to receive any information that can help with their problem.

Starting from looking for how to run their own business to living a healthy lifestyle, they can be looking for these things.

By knowing and understanding what consumers care about, you can create content for their needs.

Now, when they have started to engage with the content information you provide, you can go in and make an understanding of how your product can solve their problems.

Find out how consumers perceive your product
One way you can do to find out consumer perceptions is by conducting surveys.

That way, you will get useful insights and feedback for analysis.

By knowing the information above, it will be very useful for business people to cover up the mistakes of the products they have.

You can also use the results obtained from this to adjust the way you communicate with consumers.

You also know how consumers experience the product, and what their complaints are.

What are their reasons consumers switch to competitors?

And what makes them loyal to a product?

Use survey tools like Surveymonkey, Salesforce Marketing, Google Forms and even social media polls.

Understand the Types of Content Consumers Preference

Next, let’s play in the field of marketing, especially content marketing.

Content marketing can be useful for converting those customers to your products and increasing business sales.

Create content that is useful to them.

Consumers will like the content, because it can help them find the information they need.

Once they feel that you can be trusted in providing relevant information to them.

You can insert information that your product can help them solve their problems.

That’s how Content Marketing converts into sales.

Analysis of the Consumer Purchase Process for Your Products

The last way to understand how consumers behave is to make yourself into a consumer.

You can see how consumers travel until they finally buy the products you sell.

This includes how consumers are exposed to information from your product from the start.

Are consumer transactions running smoothly?

How is their experience every time they access your products?

Reviewing and analyzing how the consumer journey is best done once a year.

To provide services to consumers, it may require you to spend some extra budget for it so that cash flow must be managed properly in this case.

In this case, maybe in this position you will need more capital to usebusiness development to be more developed.

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