Nigerian Student Loan Portal ( Open: A Step-by-Step Guide for Easy Application

The Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) started giving loans to students on Friday, May 24, 2024. This helps students get money for school.

How to Apply for Student Loan

Here is how you can apply for a student loan from the Nigerian Students Loan Portal (

  1. Visit
    • Open your internet browser and go to the website.
  2. Click on “Apply Now”
    • Find and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  3. Click on “Get Started”
    • Click on the “Get Started” button to begin your application.
  4. Answer the Questions
    • You will see some questions. Answer them by clicking “Yes, I am a Nigerian”.
  5. Verify Your School Information
    • Select your school from a list.
    • Enter your school number to check if your school has uploaded your details.
  6. Verify with JAMB
    • Click the “Verify with JAMB” button.
    • Enter your JAMB details on the screen.
    If your NIN (National Identity Number) is not registered with JAMB, you will need to enter your NIN for validation.
  7. Create an Account
    • Enter your email address and create a password.
    • Confirm the password and click “Create Account”.
  8. Verify Your Email
    • Click the email verification link sent to your email.
    • This finishes the process of creating an account.

How to Complete Your Profile

After you register, you need to complete your profile. Here is how:

  1. Login
    • Enter your email address and password to log in.
  2. Update Contact Details
    • Click on the “Proceed to Contact Details” button.
    • Enter your phone number, home address, state of residence, and local government area.
    • Click “Proceed to Educational Details”.
  3. Update School Details
    • Select your school.
    • Enter your school number.
    • Click “Proceed to Account Details”.
  4. Verify Your BVN
    • Enter your BVN (Bank Verification Number).
    • Select your bank name.
    • Enter your bank account number.
    • Click “Save Changes” to complete your profile.

Loan Application

Now that your profile is complete, you can apply for a loan. Follow these steps:

  1. Request for Student Loan
    • Log in to the application.
    • Click the “Request for student loan” button.
  2. Select Loan Type
    • If you need money for daily expenses, click the checkbox and then click “Continue”.
    • If you only need to pay school fees, just click “Continue”.
  3. Upload Supporting Documents
    • Upload your admission letter (this is compulsory).
    • You can also upload your student ID and school invoice (these are optional).
    • Click the checkbox for the policy and declaration, then click “Continue”.
  4. Read and Agree to Terms
    • Read the loan overview.
    • Click the checkboxes for the terms & conditions and GSI Mandate.
    • Click “Submit Application”.
  5. Check Application Status
    • Click on the “Loans” button to view the status of your application.

Requirements to Apply for the Loan

To apply for the student loan, you need:

  • An admission letter from the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).
  • A National Identity Number (NIN).
  • A Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • Completed application forms from the NELFUND website.

Fund Allocation for Students

The amount of money you can get from the student loan depends on:

  • Tuition Fees: Money to pay for your school fees.
  • Living Expenses: Money for food, transport, and housing.
  • Books and Supplies: Money to buy books and study materials.

Loan Requirements and Benefits

Admission LetterLetter from JAMB confirming your admission
National Identity Number (NIN)Unique identification number for Nigerian citizens
Bank Verification Number (BVN)Number used to verify your bank account
Completed Application FormForm filled out on the NELFUND website
Tuition FeesMoney to pay for school fees
Living ExpensesMoney for food, transport, and housing
Books and SuppliesMoney to buy books and study materials

Exclusion of Private University Students

Students in private universities are not included in this loan scheme. They are unhappy about this and want to be included so they can also get help to pay for their education.

Benefits of the Student Loan

The student loan has many benefits:

  • Access to Education: More students can afford to go to school.
  • Reduced Financial Burden: Students do not have to worry about how to pay for their education.
  • Better Future: With an education, students can get better jobs and improve their lives.

How Much Fund is Good?

The amount of money you need depends on your personal situation:

  • Tuition Fees: This is usually the biggest cost. Make sure you get enough money to cover your school fees.
  • Living Expenses: You need enough money for food, transport, and housing. Think about how much you spend each month and multiply that by the number of months in your school year.
  • Books and Supplies: Estimate how much you need for books and other materials. It is better to ask for a little more than to run out of money.

In general, it is good to ask for a bit more than you think you need. This way, you have some extra money in case of unexpected expenses.


The Nigerian Students Loan Portal is a great way for students to get the money they need for their education. By following the steps in this guide, you can apply for a loan and get financial help to pay for your tuition, living expenses, and study materials. This loan scheme will help many students achieve their educational goals and build a better future.

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