10 Best Home Business Ideas with Only Small Capital

Selling at home is one business that is quite a lot done by entrepreneurs. This is because, they do not need to spend money just to open their stalls. Moreover, selling at home can also be very popular if you can find out the opportunities.

In the midst of the current pandemic, some people prefer to open a business at home. The ease of internet access also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to open a business at home.

Here is a list of best home business ideas that you can try.

1. Wet cake business

The first selling idea at home was the cake business. As we know that wet cakes are usually sold in the morning. However, during the pandemic, activities to the market are not as frequent as they used to be. Even few people are willing to buy wet cake directly.

With today’s digital business, making cake sales is a little different. Now, you can sell wet cakes through delivery apps or using social media. In fact, with the help of these media, you can get far more subscribers than usual.

2. Selling credit and internet packages

The internet has become a major need in this day and age. Not only for entertainment media, credit and internet packages are also used for business.

Moreover, more learning and work methods have been shifted online during the pandemic. Therefore, this business includes selling at home which will be in demand when it is done.

To sell credit and internet, you don’t need to rent a kiosk or special place. Because, you can do this business only at home.

The capital required is not much, which is only a smartphone connected to the internet network. You can try this for a low-risk initial business.

3. Selling handicrafts

If you have certain skills such as handicrafts, then try it as selling at home. Unique handicrafts can be sold with only very small capital.

You need to know that there is a lot of domestic waste that can produce works through creative hands. This can be a great opportunity for profit.

Some examples of domestic waste made by crafts are plastic, used cans, pieces of wood, used tires, cardboard, and much more.

You can find inspiration for these handicrafts through the internet such as Youtube. Not a few handicraft sciences come from there.

4. Sewing services

The next best selling home business idea is to open a sewing service. If you have sewing skills, then it never hurts to open this one business.

You can open a service to make jeans, Levis, or it can be torn clothes. Moreover, potential consumers need these services more than buying new clothes again.

Sewing services can also be done at home so you don’t need to rent a place just to open a business. In fact, to do promotions, you can use social media or instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp. The promotion can even be done for free if you can take advantage of it.

5. Motorcycle or car washing services

One of the best selling business ideas for selling at home is to open a motorcycle or car wash service. The capital needed for this business is a compressor engine so that it can wash motorcycles and cars. If possible, you can also open a bicycle washing service that has been trending in recent years.

The current pandemic conditions make many people turn to sports activities such as cycling. That makes many people reuse bicycles and there can be business opportunities. To promote, you can share this business through social media and instant messaging applications.

6. Coffee shop business

You can do a coffee shop business from home

If you talk about selling ideas at home that are selling well with small capital, you can also try opening a coffee shop.

Mixing coffee from the seeds directly has its own fans. Moreover, a coffee shop is not only a place to enjoy a drink, but also a place to hang out or have certain meetings.

Therefore, if you have a fairly large home page and are close to the campus area and offices, then this is a good opportunity to open a coffee shop.

The thing to note when opening this business is that it feels comfortable and quite instagramable. If you fulfill these things, it is not impossible that your business can run smoothly and also sell well.

7. Laundry service

Laundry services are one of the best selling ideas for selling at home with only a small capital. You don’t need to pay for store rental costs, you only need capital for operations and also a few employees.

Moreover, if you live in an area near a campus or company, then this one service is selling well in the market.

Some of the operational capital that you need to spend includes a small washing machine, iron, perfume, and also monthly costs such as electricity.

You can open a kilogram laundry business and promote it through social media and instant messages. Don’t forget to always provide the best service for potential customers.

8. Snack business

Snacks are one of the best snacks consumed by the people of Indonesia. So don’t be surprised if the snack business is one of the best selling ideas for selling at home with only a small capital.

If you don’t know how to make snacks, that’s not a problem. Because, you can become a reseller or dropshipper so you don’t have to bother making snacks from scratch.

In order to attract more customers, you should prepare a variety of snacks. Currently, the sale of snacks is mostly at home and the sales system is online.

9. Fashion business

The selling system at home that is selling well with only small capital is the fashion business. In general, the fashion business that brings in quite a lot of customers is women.

Whether it’s children’s clothing to adults, types of clothing for women usually have a high chance of selling more and also quickly.

In addition, the trend factor is also very influential in this fashion business. For that, you must always monitor which clothing models will be in demand in the market. It will be easier to see fashion trends if you always pay attention to the marketplace or social media.

10. Cosmetics business

The next best-selling idea for selling at home is a business in the cosmetic field. Not much different from the previous point, cosmetics also have their own trends in society, especially women.

Therefore, it is not surprising that so many influencers are used as benchmarks so that these cosmetic products can sell well in the market.

You can also have the opportunity to sell cosmetic products as a reseller or dropshipper with less risk. Moreover, the cosmetic promotion system can be done through social media and marketplaces so you can do it at home.

Thus the list of selling ideas at home that are selling well with only small capital. Hopefully this article can inspire your future business.

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