30 Business Lessons from Billionaire Jack Ma that Can Be Your Guide!

Right now, perhaps you are confused about dealing with business problems that have never found a solution.

Do you know Jack Ma? A man from China who was born on September 10 1964 experienced many difficulties when starting his big business, namely Alibaba Group. Jack Ma has become a symbol of enthusiasm and motivation for Chinese people, and even people throughout the world.

Jack Ma’s success has brought a wealth of business lessons which he often serves as a role model for all mankind in this world.

Want to be successful? Try following billionaire Jack Ma’s business lessons below!

30 Business Lessons from Billionaire Jack Ma that Can Be Your Guide!

Looking for the Widest Opportunities

Those who fail are those who are lazy in looking for opportunities, even though those opportunities are nearby, even as close as their veins.

Look in all directions, put the opportunities together, then consider all the possibilities.

Look in every corner, every crevice, for a potential opportunity that you can take.

Take advantage of every opportunity that exists

No matter how big the opportunity that appears in front of you, hold it tightly and take advantage of it wholeheartedly. Don’t discriminate, don’t underestimate small opportunities if you want big results.

Seeking Understanding

Try to understand your current position and the position you aspire to.

What exactly do you do? Why?

What will it take to get you to where you want to go?

Act Fast

No, fast here doesn’t have to be like wild motorbike racing on a circuit.

Instead, be quick to bounce back from failure and quickly seize opportunities that suddenly arise.

See Your Abilities

No matter the condition, situation, where you were born, or how much education you have, you have the opportunity to succeed in the business you choose.

Because enthusiasm, patience and hard work play an important role in the success of your business.

Channel Your Ambition

Act visioner. Focus on your goals, move in one direction and never give up your ambitions.

However, don’t ignore the advice given by other people. In essence, keep thinking smart.

Be brave!

When Jack Ma founded his company, Alibaba Group.

He started with courage in pursuing his ambition to become a successful entrepreneur.

Face everything that attacks you, don’t be afraid!

Take a Chance at Youth

Jack Ma said, ” if you are not rich by the age of 35, then you have wasted the opportunity of your youth .”

So, from now on, make the most of your youth and don’t give up on your ambitions.

Unite Goals with Your Team

It cannot be denied that uniting team members is difficult and rarely succeeds. Jack Ma estimates that there will be 30% of people who disagree with your opinion.

Therefore, unite your team members based on the ideas, goals and missions they have. Leverage the power of a team to build your business success.

Don’t Depend On Yourself

One way to unite team members is by reducing dependence on certain individuals, including leaders/bosses. Because, anyone has the right to channel ideas and also has the right to be the best among others.

Recruit employees who are more skilled than you

If there is a leader/boss who has better technical skills than his employees, then they have recruited the wrong person.

An employee must be a technical expert. You can empower all your employees to do technical things to the best of their abilities.

Lead with Vision, Tenacity and Courag

A leader must be a visionary, able to see opportunities where others do not.

A leader must also be tenacious, able to survive when others fail. Then you have to be brave and always work hard to do something when others can’t do it.

Diligent and Enterprising

Challenges will continue to exist, from the time you start setting up a business until you successfully have many employees.

To get through it, remember the vision and goals you have created. Keep it in its proper place. Your actions will inspire other people to do the same, like Jack Ma who has inspired many people.

Upholding a High Attitude

Your attitude determines your personality. During difficult times, successful leaders remain calm and confident in carrying out their vision and mission, and focus on their desired goals.

Make Smart Decisions

Smart doesn’t necessarily mean intelligent.

A successful leader must be intelligent in dealing with everything, including making decisions. Not just deciding, but by considering everything wisely so that no one feels disadvantaged.

Money and Political Power Cannot Be Equivalent

Between money and political power, both influence each other. Assume that one of them is a match, and the other is a stove fuse. If put together, there will be an explosion.

Therefore, if you are interested in both, pursue them sequentially, not simultaneously.

Your resilience can be seen after you experience difficulties

A person’s resilience or toughness can only be seen after that person experiences difficulties. There you will see how you overcome problems until you are finally able to survive in the midst of difficulties and challenges that arise without prediction.

Be a Diligent and Ambitious Worker

Jack Ma has a simple formula for success, which might be a reference for you in business. Be diligent, work hard, and never forget your ambitions. Whatever form your efforts take to be successful, these principles apply.

Compete Healthily

Don’t consider your competitors as enemies. Always respect your competitors and carry out attacks in a healthy manner, don’t use brutal methods, let alone fall into the criminal category.

Moreover, competing in a healthy manner can reduce the level of depression that arises in you when you are planning your own business expansion.

Take All Competitors Seriously

Competitors are not enemies, they are just challenges that you have to overcome. Everyone has the opportunity to be successful when in a competition.

You and your competitors have the right to succeed in their own way. So, don’t take it for granted and just focus on your future business plans.

See Yourself as a ‘Big’ Person

If described in a round table conference, you and your business competitors will be at one round table and competing to achieve the title of best.

Don’t shrink! Do what you want to do without being influenced by other competitors who are watching you.

Winners Don’t Compla

Don’t complain too much, let alone whine like a baby who can’t do anything yet. Mostly complaining is a sign of failure.

A winner will never complain about the things he experiences. The process of rising and falling is like a wheel that keeps turning. It depends on you, do you want to stay at the top for a long time or stay at the bottom for a long time?

Customers Are First

As a leader, you only have time and energy. Surrender your business activities to those who are influential, such as  customers , employees and shareholders.

Put customers first. Next there are employees, they are the ones who make your business run with the skills they have. Third in line are shareholders (investors).

Forget About Money

Everything requires money, but money is not everything. You don’t start your business solely because of money, but because you want to fill your free time or improve your lifestyle. It is not like that?

You may want it, but you must not be enslaved by it. Focus on your initial goal, then the money will come by itself.

Find the Right Person

Change your perspective now. The right person is not necessarily someone who has a lot of super skills. The resume that you see is good, it cannot be used as a benchmark that he is the ‘right person’.

Be careful, there are lots of weasels in sheep’s clothing out there. Come on, be more selective in choosing!

‘Free’ Is a Very Expensive Word

When you launch a product with the word ‘free’ attached, remember that it’s not really free.

The benefits you give to many people come from sacrifice and effort, implementation, and ideas formed from the human resources you have. Therefore, think carefully before you run a promotion.

Smart People Use Their Brains to ‘Talk’

Involve your thoughts when speaking. Don’t just throw it out, but there is nothing in it, aka ‘ the empty barrel makes a loud sound’. In essence, use your brain’s intelligence before expressing an opinion that everyone will hear.

Wise People Use Their Hearts to ‘Speak’

Not only your mind, you also have to use your heart when talking to other people. Before deciding to speak, try to choose words that will not hurt the person you are talking to.

We Are Born To Enjoy Life, Not To Work

You were born not only to work, but to be happy. Let your physical and spiritual body enjoy the beauty of life, relax, play and socialize with the people around you.

Improve your lifestyle now, or you will regret it later. Remember, you can’t go back to the past, unless there is a door to Doraemon’s place.

Giving Up Is the Biggest Failure

You will never know what will happen next until you try. You won’t know whether your business will be successful or not if you give up trying to get through it. Don’t ever think about giving up. Because, giving up is the biggest failure ever.

Well, how? Is your mind open now?

You can take into consideration some of the business lessons from Jack Ma above when you are confused about solving your business problems in the real world.

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