15 Business Ideas for Students, Sure to Profit!

15 Business Ideas for Students, Sure to Profit!

Various business ideas for students are often discussed on campus, this is due to several reasons, such as wanting to earn more money for daily living expenses or just to fill free time and sharpen skills.

Yes, as a student it’s a good idea to try to open up business opportunities so you can practice your skills in building a business.

A student is usually required to be creative and think critically, so business for students is an appropriate learning tool.

The following are several business ideas for students that you can choose:

15 Profitable Business Ideas for Students

1. Tutor Services

If you want a business for students without capital, then opening a tutoring service is the answer.

Like businesses in the service sector, you only need to sharpen your skills in teaching one course.

Apart from that, you also have to establish good relationships with other students if you want to offer tutoring services.

You can offer this tutoring service to your juniors in one department, or even your classmates who don’t understand the material presented by the lecturer.

2. Sell snacks

One of the most boring activities on campus is waiting for the next class.

Sometimes the distance between one course and another can be 1 or 2 hours, and to fill your free time you can sell snacks to your classmates.

Selling snacks is a quite promising business for students.

Apart from the fact that the capital is not that large, the opportunity for profits is also quite large.

3. Selling catering food

Apart from snacks, selling catered food is also a promising business for students.

The canteen is so busy and the same food sometimes makes students bored.

One of the tips for selling catered food is to use a pre-order (PO) system.

This is to minimize losses due to unsold food.

Apart from that, through the PO system you can provide food based on what customers order.

4. Electric Pulse

One of the highest needs among students is credit.

Yes, almost all the activities they do with smartphones require credit or internet quota.

For this reason, selling electronic credit is also a very profitable business idea for students.

You don’t need to make too high a profit on every credit sale, the important thing is that customers keep coming and buying credit from you regularly.

5. Assignment typing services

Assignments become routine for students, and usually the number of assignments given is not small.

For this reason, you can make this an opportunity for your business idea.

You can open an assignment typing service by charging a fee for each assignment sheet you do.

Even so, you still have to pay attention to your duties too, OK!

Don’t let it happen that because you are busy typing other people’s assignments, your assignment will be neglected.

6. Computer or Laptop Repair Services

For those of you studying IT, maybe you can consider this business idea for students.


Because apart from being able to help friends repair their laptops or computers, you can also hone your skills.

7. Translator

The next business idea for students is to become a translator.

If you master a certain language, this business can be very promising.

Usually, translators will be paid quite a decent wage.

As a beginner, you can offer your services to friends or colleagues in your area.

If you want to pursue this field professionally, you can take certification to become a translator so that your credibility can be guaranteed in the eyes of customers.

8. Freelance writer

If you like to fill your free time by writing articles, then becoming a freelance writer could be a business idea for students that is suitable for you.

Along with technological developments, freelance writing services are really needed.

To be able to start opening this service, you can register on freelance worker websites such as sribulancer.com , freelancer.com and so on.

Make sure you write a complete biodata and also attach the results of your previous writing so that potential customers can read it and consider whether they will use your services or not.

9. Event Organizer Services

For those of you who are studying public relations or marketing, perhaps it would be suitable for you to open an event organizer service.

There’s no need to immediately organize a large-scale event because maybe you’re not quite ready.

Start with small events, such as class seminars or birthday events.

Because running an event organizer service cannot be done alone, you have to form a team that has the same interest and ability in managing events.

10. Graphic Design

Are you studying Visual Communication Design (DKV)?

If yes, this is a business idea for students that is very suitable for you.

Opening a graphic design service will bring in a lot of money and also help you hone your skills in the field of design.

Apart from that, you can also use your design results as a portfolio when you want to apply for work.

11. Dropshipper

Becoming a dropshipper is the answer for anyone who wants to start a business without capital, including students.


Because the job of a dropshipper is to offer products to prospective buyers of services, and after the buyer orders, the dropshipper will forward the order to the seller.

After that, the seller will immediately send the ordered goods to the buyer by including your name as the sender.

Quite simple, right?

The thing you need to remember before becoming a dropshipper or reseller is that you should be careful in choosing a seller, because if the seller sends goods that do not match the quality promised, then your name will be bad in the eyes of customers.

12. Photographer or Videographer

If you have a talent for producing good photos and videos, then you can choose this business idea for students.

Please note, to start this business you don’t always have to have a camera.

Because sometimes, there are companies that lend all their equipment to their employees.

However, if you have your own equipment, that will be an added value and show that you really have a passion for photography.

13. Make-Up Artist (MUA)

The next business idea for students is to become a MUA.

Yes, for those of you who have expertise in the field of make-up, this is the right business for you.

Please note that becoming a MUA has quite a lot of benefits, you know!

A beginner MUA can open prices ranging from 500 thousand to 1 million rupiah for each project.

If you have experience in the next few years, you might be able to charge up to 10 million rupiah for each make-up project.

14. Sell T-shirts

The clothes most often worn by students are t-shirts.

Yes, because t-shirts are considered the most comfortable, especially in Indonesia’s tropical climate.

For this reason, you can sell t-shirts to your friends.

If you have large enough capital, there’s no harm in opening a shop or distro.

What you need to remember is to make sure you sell t-shirts with attractive designs and materials that are very comfortable when worn.

15. Photocopying Services

The next business idea for students is to open a photocopying service.

Sometimes, the photocopy place on campus is so busy that students are too lazy to queue.

So, this is an opportunity for you to open a photocopying service.

Even though the profits are not big, at least it will be good if many people use your photocopying services.

Those are 15 business ideas for students that you can choose and implement to achieve promising profits.

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