5 Causes People Choose to Change Careers, Unhappy to Challenge

Nowadays, the phenomenon of ‘career switch’ in the world of work is quite common. Quoting the results of a survey conducted by JobStreet to 17,623 respondents in October 2021, it was found that 73 percent of workers were dissatisfied with their current jobs.

This dissatisfaction often develops into a sense of boredom with the career that is being lived. Finally, it encourages people to take opportunities in other career fields.

Of course, switching careers is good if done with careful consideration. However, in reality, many people experience mistakes when switching careers from one field to another.

Quoting from the official JobStreet page, Monday (4/12/2023), here are the things you need to know about career switch and 5 reasons why people choose to do it.

Starting A Career Switch

Someone definitely has hopes of having a promising job in the future. This reason is usually one of the factors that encourages people to reassess whether the work they are currently doing can continue to be needed in this industry or not?

If not, maybe it’s time to consider career switching. A career switch is something a person does to change the direction of their career. The term career switch can also be interpreted as moving a person’s career from one area of expertise to another.  

With increasingly sophisticated technology, many people are worried that their jobs will be replaced by technology in the future.

This statement was also conveyed through data from the World Economic Forum and the World Bank, that there are many professions today that will be replaced by robots in the future.  

Reasons for a Career Switch

At work, of course, we have experienced what is called boredom. Prolonged boredom at work will certainly make us uncomfortable and provide less than optimal performance.

This boredom is only one of several reasons people choose to ‘switch’ jobs to other fields. Here are some reasons why people change careers or career switch.

1. There is no pleasure in the current job

A happy heart can certainly help our work process to be maximized. However, what if you no longer find pleasure in your work? You will feel so heavy doing tasks that were previously quite fun for you.

Declining work performance can be a new problem for you at work. If there’s nothing you find enjoyable about your job anymore, you might want to consider a career change. 

2. Lack of challenge

In work, there are types of people who like work without any particular challenges. There are also types who are looking for challenges in their careers. 

Someone who likes peace at work, will feel there is no problem if the job does not have challenges.

However, it is different for someone with a more dynamic type.

 A mediocre atmosphere without any challenges will usually make dynamic people feel bored more easily.

3. Less promising profession in the future

Being someone who is always updated with industry trends is very important. If we are ignorant of the changes that occur, we will most likely be left behind and find it difficult to stay relevant.

 You can find out more about the potential of your profession in the future. If it’s not that promising, maybe a career switch could be something you can do.

4. Work that doesn’t match your values

Self-values that are so different from what you do can make work feel even harder.

It’s a bit difficult to find a job that really matches the values we hold, but if the difference is very contrasting it’s worth considering trying other fields of work. Doing a job that doesn’t match your values will only lead to disappointment and regret later.

 5. Finding a profession that is more in line with your abilities

As we work, of course we get to know our abilities better. When you get to know yourself better, chances are you will find abilities that you can develop.

This opportunity can be utilized as your momentum to design a career in another field that has more potential.

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