FG Cash Transfer News 6 June 2024

81,000 Residents to Get FG Cash Transfer in Ondo

The Federal Government is giving cash transfers to 81,000 people in Ondo State. This news was shared by Mrs. Tosin Olupona, the Manager of Ondo Cash Transfer, during a training in Akure.

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Training and Partners

The training was organized by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation along with the National Social Investment Programmes Agency.

Details of the Cash Transfer

  • Each person will get ₦25,000 for three months.
  • This program is for poor households.

Increase in Beneficiaries

Previously, only 12,000 people benefited from this program in Ondo State. Now, it has increased to 81,000 to match the current government’s goals.

Purpose of the Program

The cash transfer aims to help people deal with the removal of fuel subsidies. This is a tough time for everyone, especially for poor and vulnerable households. The government wants to help ease this economic shock.

Payment Details

The government has already started paying ₦25,000 to the beneficiaries. They will receive this amount for three months. After three months, new people will join the program.


Beneficiaries are selected from the National Social Register. Their BVN and NIN are linked to ensure accountability. The money is paid directly into their bank accounts.

Public Awareness

Mrs. Yemi Pirisola, the Administrative Secretary, urged everyone to know about the Agency’s activities. Desk officers and beneficiaries should inform people about what the government is doing to help with the removal of fuel subsidies and improve the lives of vulnerable people.

Benefits of the Cash Transfer Program

Financial Support₦25,000 per month for three months
Increased BeneficiariesFrom 12,000 to 81,000 people
Direct PaymentMoney goes straight into bank accounts
Helps Vulnerable PeopleFocuses on poor households
Economic ReliefHelps ease the effect of fuel subsidy removal


The FG Cash Transfer program in Ondo State is set to help 81,000 people. Each will receive ₦25,000 for three months to help with economic difficulties. The program is focused on poor households and aims to provide direct and accountable financial support

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