Empowering Youth: FG Plans N10 Million Grants for NYSC Corps Members

The Minister of Youth Development, Jamila Bio-Ibrahim, has announced plans to change the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme. More than 5,000 corps members will get grants of N10 million each for their business ideas. A team will be set up to lead this change.

The Minister made this announcement at the first meeting of NYSC management with heads of Corps-Producing Institutions (CPIs) in Nigeria. This meeting took place in Abuja on Monday. Bio-Ibrahim shared her vision for the NYSC. She wants to focus on participants with an entrepreneurial mindset and make skills development a key part of the program.

Bio-Ibrahim said the goal is to create a self-sustaining and revenue-generating program within the next five years. The NYSC already promotes entrepreneurship. But now, the goal is to make it more efficient, effective, and beneficial.

Grants and Support for Corps Members

Besides the N10 million grants, the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund program for 2024 will also help at least 5,000 corps members with their business ventures. This is part of a larger plan to make NYSC ventures an investment and asset management group.

Brigadier General Yushau Ahmed, Director-General of the NYSC, welcomed the heads of CPIs at the meeting. He said the aim was to improve the process of mobilizing corps members. They want to develop strategies to fix problems and ensure a smoother process.

Ahmed pointed out some problems in the mobilization process. One problem is that roles are often given to subordinates. He believes that if chief executives of institutions get involved directly, they will understand the issues better and get better results.

Commitment to Corps Members’ Welfare

Ahmed also confirmed the NYSC’s commitment to the security and welfare of corps members. He asked CPIs, parents, and the public to help inform young graduates about the call-up for national service.

Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, was represented by Mrs. Adedayo Benjamins-Laniyi. She is the Mandate Secretary of the Women Affairs Secretariat in the FCT Administration. Wike praised the NYSC’s decision to involve key stakeholders in planning strategies for greater success.

Wike commended the NYSC’s commitment to national development and integration. He also acknowledged the challenges the Scheme faces. He said the NYSC stands for the collective commitment to national development, unity, and integration. However, he noted the challenges, especially in the mobilization process.

Innovative Strategies for Improvement

Wike stressed the need for new strategies to overcome these challenges. He said it is important to improve practices for engaging young graduates in national development efforts. This, he said, is crucial.

The goal of reforming the NYSC is to make it more impactful for corps members and the nation. By focusing on entrepreneurship and skills development, the government hopes to create a self-sustaining and revenue-generating NYSC program. This will benefit both the corps members and the country as a whole.


The planned reforms for the NYSC are set to make a big difference. With grants of N10 million for corps members, the focus is on helping them start their own businesses. This support will help young people become self-sufficient and contribute to the economy. The NYSC is committed to improving the process of mobilizing corps members and ensuring their safety and welfare. By involving key stakeholders and developing new strategies, the Scheme aims to overcome challenges and promote national development and unity.

These changes will not only benefit the corps members but also the nation. The emphasis on entrepreneurship and skills development will create a stronger, more self-reliant generation. The government’s commitment to supporting these young people shows a dedication to building a brighter future for Nigeria

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