Reasons Why Many People Fail, and How to Learn From Mistakes

Live as a successful person, not a failure!

Of course, we often hear this sentence.

Success and failure are two contradictory words and most people prefer to pursue success rather than suffer failure.

The success we mean here can take many forms, including success in education, work, career and social life.

The problem is that not everyone who wants to be successful is able to achieve the goals and dreams they aspire to.

There are people who have to experience failure and not succeed in achieving their dreams.

Be a winner!

In this explanation, we will try to explain the reasons why many people fail.


Failed People Don’t Want to Take Risks

Fear is human nature and it is very natural for you to feel it.

The problem is when this fear makes you not dare to take risks and challenges that could make them develop more in the future.

This is what makes many people continue to do work they don’t like and remain satisfied with the situation they are experiencing.

Challenge yourself to take measured risks and make decisions to pursue your dreams.

For example, you are trying to leave a job you don’t like and start your own business from scratch.

Make measured decisions and face any risks that may arise in the future.

You Don’t Do What You Love.

So that you can be successful at work or in anything, you have to be able to find a field that you like and really master it.

When you are able to find what you like and are talented in that field, then you can become the best person and also maximize your potential to become a successful person.

Failed People Give Up Easily and Don’t Want to Get Up

When trying to pursue your desired goals and dreams, you will definitely face a lot of resistance.

Starting from internal problems such as mental and physical, to pressure and doubts from other people who try to bring you down.

If you can’t face the problems above and don’t want to recover from failure, then success will get further away from you.

Failed People Are Not Surrounded By Winners

The next reason that many people fail to achieve their goals is that they connect with the wrong people or groups.

You will not be able to become a successful person if you associate with unsuccessful people and unmotivated people.

Without realizing it, you will develop traits that are detrimental to yourself due to wrong relationships and not hanging out with positive people.

Failed People Don’t Listen to the Right People

Most successful people definitely have mentors or teachers who can guide them in the right direction so they can achieve their goals.

Mentors here can be in the form of coaches, company leaders, professors, teachers, or other experienced people.

People like these are sources of information on how you can achieve your desired goals and objectives.

Don’t lose your opportunity to be successful because you don’t listen to the right people.

How to Learn From Mistakes

Logging Errors

Every time you do a job for the first time, start noting down the difficulties you encountered and what you did to overcome them.

You can write this down on paper or on your cell phone.

The notes you have are very useful for reminding you of mistakes you have made.

Learn from your colleagues’ mistakes

Don’t wait to make all the mistakes, you can gain a lot of experience from the mistakes your friends have made.

Pay close attention to what went wrong and how they resolved the problem.

Learning doesn’t have to be with friends who are in direct contact, you can also get a lot of experience through the internet and forums.

Create a List To Check Out

This list will be obtained from every error that you have recorded in stages 1 and 2 as we have previously stated.

This is the time when you start to learn from every mistake you make.

With a list of existing errors, you can start to prevent actions that have the potential to occur in the future.

Never Be Satisfied

Once you know the various mistakes that exist, then don’t stop here and be complacent.

What you need to realize is that problems can come from unexpected angles.

The discussion above shows that it is important to always know where your mistakes lie.

Consciously knowing and understanding every mistake will save you in the long run.

By learning from mistakes, you can become a much better person than before.

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