FMARD Recruitment 2024

Do you want to join the FMARD? This guide gives you all the info you need! It shows you how to apply online, what qualifications you need, and how the selection process works.


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Agricultural Extension Officer: Responsible for providing advisory services and technical support to farmers, facilitating the adoption of best agricultural practices, and promoting innovations in crop and livestock production.

Agronomist: Involved in research, experimentation, and development of improved agricultural techniques, crop varieties, and sustainable farming methods to enhance productivity and yield.

Rural Development Specialist: Engaged in planning, implementing, and evaluating rural development programs and projects aimed at improving living standards, infrastructure, and socio-economic opportunities in rural areas.

Economist: Analyzes agricultural trends, market dynamics, and policy implications to provide insights and recommendations for effective agricultural development strategies, investment decisions, and policy formulation.

Project Manager: Oversees the planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of agricultural development projects, ensuring adherence to project goals, timelines, and budgets while promoting stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

Administrative Officer: Provides administrative support, manages office operations, coordinates meetings and events, handles correspondence, and assists in budgeting, procurement, and human resource management activities within the ministry.

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: Conducts performance assessments, data collection, and impact evaluations of agricultural programs and projects to measure effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and ensure accountability and transparency in program implementation.

Research Scientist: Conducts scientific research, experiments, and studies in various fields of agriculture, including crop science, soil science, animal science, and agricultural economics, to generate knowledge, innovations, and solutions to agricultural challenges.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Specialist: Develops and maintains ICT systems, databases, and platforms to support data management, information dissemination, and digital innovation in agricultural development and rural extension services.

Legal Officer: Provides legal advice, interpretation of laws, and regulatory compliance guidance related to agricultural policies, land tenure, contracts, intellectual property rights, and other legal matters affecting the ministry’s operations.

These positions offer diverse opportunities for career advancement, professional development, and impact in addressing critical challenges facing the agriculture sector and rural communities in Nigeria. As FMARD continues to prioritize food security, sustainable agriculture, and rural development, individuals with relevant skills, expertise, and a passion for agricultural transformation can find rewarding career paths within the ministry.


FMARD (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in Nigeria administers various recruitment programs aimed at attracting qualified individuals to contribute to the advancement of agriculture and rural development in the country. These recruitment programs encompass diverse initiatives and strategies to address staffing needs, enhance capacity, and promote talent acquisition within the ministry. Some of the notable FMARD recruitment programs include:

  1. Graduate Trainee Programs: FMARD conducts graduate trainee programs to recruit fresh graduates from diverse academic backgrounds, including agriculture, agronomy, economics, rural development, and related fields. These programs offer young professionals opportunities for hands-on training, mentorship, and career development within the ministry.
  2. Internship Programs: FMARD provides internship opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience, exposure to agricultural projects, and insight into the workings of the ministry. Interns may be engaged in various departments, including research, extension services, project management, and administration.
  3. Specialized Recruitment Drives: FMARD organizes specialized recruitment drives targeting professionals with specific skills and expertise required for priority areas within the agriculture sector. These drives may focus on recruiting agronomists, extension officers, economists, ICT specialists, legal experts, and other professionals critical to achieving FMARD’s objectives.
  4. Youth Empowerment Programs: FMARD recognizes the importance of youth engagement in agriculture and rural development and implements programs to empower young people with skills, training, and employment opportunities in the agricultural value chain. These programs aim to harness the potential of youth as drivers of innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development in rural areas.
  5. Collaborative Partnerships: FMARD collaborates with other government agencies, development partners, private sector organizations, and academic institutions to leverage resources, expertise, and networks for recruitment initiatives. Through partnerships, FMARD expands its recruitment reach, taps into specialized talent pools, and fosters synergies to address human resource needs effectively.
  6. Outreach and Awareness Campaigns: FMARD conducts outreach and awareness campaigns to promote recruitment opportunities, disseminate information about available positions, eligibility criteria, and application processes. These campaigns utilize various communication channels, including social media, workshops, job fairs, and community engagement events, to reach potential applicants across diverse demographics and geographical areas.
  7. Capacity Building Programs: FMARD invests in capacity building initiatives to enhance the skills, competencies, and professional development of its workforce. These programs encompass training workshops, seminars, certifications, and on-the-job learning opportunities tailored to the needs of different cadres of staff within the ministry.

Overall, FMARD’s recruitment programs play a pivotal role in attracting, developing, and retaining talent to drive agricultural transformation, food security, and rural development initiatives in Nigeria. By engaging a skilled and motivated workforce, FMARD strives to achieve its mandate of promoting sustainable agriculture, improving livelihoods, and enhancing the resilience of rural communities across the country.


Here’s an outline of eligibility criteria typically associated with different recruitment programs conducted by FMARD (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in Nigeria:

  1. Graduate Trainee Programs:
    • Educational Qualification: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields such as Agriculture, Agronomy, Economics, Rural Development, Environmental Science, or related disciplines from a recognized institution.
    • Age Limit: Generally open to recent graduates or individuals within a specified age bracket, usually between 18 and 35 years.
    • Additional Requirements: May require proof of NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) discharge certificate for Nigerian citizens.
  2. Internship Programs:
    • Educational Qualification: Open to undergraduate students or recent graduates pursuing degrees in relevant fields as mentioned above.
    • Duration: Internship positions may have varying durations, ranging from a few months to a year.
    • Age Limit: Typically, interns should be at least 18 years old at the time of application.
    • Availability: Internship opportunities may be available throughout the year, with specific recruitment cycles announced periodically.
  3. Specialized Recruitment Drives:
    • Educational Qualification: Varied, depending on the specific positions being recruited for. Typically, candidates should possess relevant academic qualifications and professional certifications as required for the advertised roles.
    • Experience: Candidates may be required to have a minimum number of years of relevant work experience in their respective fields.
    • Technical Skills: Proficiency in specific technical areas related to agriculture, rural development, economics, ICT, legal affairs, or other specialized domains may be necessary.
    • Age Limit: Generally, candidates should meet the age criteria specified for each position.
  4. Youth Empowerment Programs:
    • Age Limit: Often targeted at young people within a certain age range, such as 18 to 35 years, to promote youth participation in agriculture and rural development initiatives.
    • Educational Qualification: Depending on the specific programs, participants may be required to have completed secondary education or possess relevant vocational training certifications.
    • Interest and Commitment: Applicants should demonstrate a genuine interest in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and community development, along with a willingness to actively engage in program activities.
  5. Collaborative Partnerships:
    • Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the nature of the partnership and the specific recruitment initiatives undertaken jointly by FMARD and its partners.
    • Generally, candidates should meet the requirements specified by the partnering organizations, which may include educational qualifications, experience, skills, and other criteria relevant to the positions being recruited for.
  6. Capacity Building Programs:
    • Open to existing staff members of FMARD or other relevant government agencies involved in agriculture and rural development.
    • Eligibility criteria may include job classification, years of service, performance appraisal ratings, and other factors determined by the ministry’s human resource policies and guidelines.

These eligibility criteria provide a general framework for prospective applicants to assess their suitability for various recruitment programs conducted by FMARD in Nigeria. It’s essential to review specific job announcements and recruitment guidelines issued by FMARD for detailed information on eligibility requirements, application procedures, and deadlines for each recruitment program.


Here are the general requirements applicable to most positions advertised by FMARD (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in Nigeria:

  • Candidates should possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a relevant field such as Agriculture, Agronomy, Economics, Rural Development, Environmental Science, Engineering, Business Administration, or related disciplines from a recognized institution.
  • Higher educational qualifications such as Master’s degrees or Ph.D.s may be required for certain specialized or senior-level positions.
  • Relevant work experience in agriculture, rural development, project management, research, extension services, or related fields is often preferred.
  • The required years of experience may vary depending on the level and nature of the position, ranging from entry-level roles suitable for fresh graduates to mid-level or senior positions requiring several years of professional experience.
  • Proficiency in computer applications, data analysis tools, and information communication technology (ICT) is desirable for many positions.
  • Specific technical skills related to agriculture, agribusiness, rural finance, monitoring and evaluation, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), environmental sustainability, or other relevant areas may be required depending on the job requirements.
  • Candidates should demonstrate strong analytical, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills, along with the ability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams and multicultural environments.
  • Candidates should typically meet the age criteria specified for each position, which may vary depending on factors such as entry-level or seniority of the role, government regulations, and program requirements.
  • Age limits may range from 18 years for entry-level positions to 35 years or older for certain senior or management roles.
  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens or legally eligible to work in Nigeria, as per relevant immigration and employment regulations.
  • Some positions may have residency requirements, particularly for roles based in specific states or regions within Nigeria.
  • Candidates should possess good moral character, integrity, and ethical conduct, as demonstrated through references, background checks, and personal interviews.
  • Evidence of previous misconduct, criminal records, or unethical behavior may disqualify applicants from consideration.
  • Proficiency in English language is usually required for all positions, along with strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of other languages, especially local languages spoken in rural communities, may be advantageous for positions involving fieldwork or community engagement.

These general requirements serve as a baseline for assessing the suitability of candidates for various positions within FMARD. However, specific job announcements may include additional qualifications, responsibilities, and eligibility criteria tailored to the requirements of each role. Prospective applicants should carefully review the detailed job descriptions and recruitment guidelines provided by FMARD for specific information on application procedures, deadlines, and selection criteria for each position.


The application site for FMARD Recruitment 2024 is not open right now. When it opens, we will share the link and how to apply. Keep checking the FMARD Recruitment Portal for updates

To apply for positions advertised by FMARD (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in Nigeria, follow these general steps:

  1. Review Job Announcements:
    • Regularly check FMARD’s official website, job portals, newspapers, and other relevant sources for announcements of job vacancies.
    • Read the job descriptions, eligibility criteria, and application instructions provided in the job announcements carefully to ensure that you meet the requirements for the positions you’re interested in.
  2. Prepare Application Documents:
    • Prepare your application documents, including a comprehensive resume or curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting your education, work experience, skills, achievements, and any other relevant information.
    • Gather copies of academic certificates, professional qualifications, identification documents, and any other supporting documents required for the application.
  3. Submit Application Online or via Mail:
    • Follow the specified application instructions provided in the job announcement regarding the submission method.
    • If applying online, visit the FMARD website or the designated job portal, and navigate to the recruitment section.
    • Fill out the online application form with accurate and complete information, and upload your resume/CV and supporting documents as per the instructions.
    • If applying via mail or in-person submission, ensure that you address the application to the designated contact person or department indicated in the job announcement.
    • Include all required documents in your application package and submit it within the specified deadline.
  4. Track Application Status:
    • After submitting your application, monitor your email inbox, phone messages, or the recruitment portal for any updates or communication from FMARD regarding the status of your application.
    • Be prepared to respond promptly to any requests for additional information, interviews, or assessments as part of the selection process.
  5. Attend Interviews or Assessments:
    • If shortlisted, prepare for interviews, written tests, or other assessments scheduled by FMARD as part of the selection process.
    • Familiarize yourself with the organization’s mission, objectives, and relevant agricultural policies or programs to demonstrate your knowledge and suitability for the position.
  6. Follow Up:
    • After attending interviews or assessments, follow up with FMARD if necessary to inquire about the status of your application and any next steps in the recruitment process.
    • Remain patient and professional throughout the application process, and be prepared to accept or decline any job offers extended to you by FMARD.

By following these steps and adhering to the application instructions provided by FMARD, you can maximize your chances of successfully applying for positions within the ministry and contributing to agricultural development and rural livelihoods in Nigeria.


The selection procedure for positions advertised by FMARD (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in Nigeria typically involves several stages designed to assess candidates’ suitability, qualifications, and competencies for the roles. While specific procedures may vary depending on the nature of the position and the recruitment process, the following outlines a general selection procedure:

  1. Application Screening:
    • FMARD conducts an initial screening of all received applications to ensure that candidates meet the minimum eligibility criteria specified in the job announcements.
    • Applications that do not meet the required qualifications or are incomplete may be disqualified at this stage.
  2. Shortlisting:
    • Shortlisting involves reviewing applications in detail to identify candidates who best match the requirements of the positions.
    • Shortlisted candidates are typically notified via email, phone, or through the recruitment portal and are invited to participate in further stages of the selection process.
  3. Assessment Tests:
    • Depending on the position, candidates may be required to undergo written tests, aptitude assessments, or technical evaluations to gauge their knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the job.
    • Assessment tests may cover areas such as general aptitude, technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and job-specific competencies.
  4. Interviews:
    • Shortlisted candidates are usually invited to participate in interviews conducted by a panel of FMARD officials, HR representatives, and subject matter experts.
    • Interviews provide an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their qualifications, experience, suitability for the position, and alignment with FMARD’s goals and values.
    • Interview questions may cover a range of topics, including job-related scenarios, behavioral competencies, technical knowledge, and situational judgment.
  5. Reference Checks:
    • FMARD may conduct reference checks to verify candidates’ employment history, qualifications, and character.
    • References may include former employers, academic institutions, professional contacts, or other individuals who can provide insights into candidates’ suitability for the positions.
  6. Final Selection and Offer:
    • Based on the outcomes of assessments, interviews, and reference checks, FMARD selects the most qualified candidates for the positions.
    • Successful candidates receive job offers detailing terms and conditions of employment, including salary, benefits, start date, and other relevant information.
    • Candidates may be required to undergo medical examinations, background checks, or other pre-employment screenings before finalizing the job offers.
  7. Onboarding and Orientation:
    • Upon accepting job offers, newly recruited candidates undergo onboarding and orientation programs to familiarize themselves with FMARD’s policies, procedures, organizational structure, and job responsibilities.
    • Onboarding may include training sessions, orientation materials, introductions to key stakeholders, and mentoring support to facilitate a smooth transition into the roles.

Throughout the selection procedure, FMARD strives to ensure fairness, transparency, and meritocracy in evaluating candidates and selecting the most suitable individuals to contribute to the ministry’s objectives in agriculture and rural development. Candidates are encouraged to actively participate in each stage of the selection process and demonstrate their qualifications and capabilities effectively.

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