Best AI Tools for Freelancers, Time to Work Smart Not Hard!

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Reasons Why Many People Fail, and How to Learn From Mistakes

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New AI Phone Scams: How do I protect myself from it?

New phone scams using AI have increased. How do I recognize one and how can I protect myself from it? Find out helpful tips here on how to recognize telephone fraud with AI and act correctly. What is AI phone Scams? AI phone fraud is a new form of telephone fraud that uses artificial intelligence. This type of fraud comes in the … Read more

7 Skills Needed for the World of Work 2024

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5 Causes People Choose to Change Careers, Unhappy to Challenge

Nowadays, the phenomenon of ‘career switch’ in the world of work is quite common. Quoting the results of a survey conducted by JobStreet to 17,623 respondents in October 2021, it was found that 73 percent of workers were dissatisfied with their current jobs. This dissatisfaction often develops into a sense of boredom with the career … Read more

AI Threatens Jobs, How Can We Avoid Being Replaced by AI?

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