9 Benefits of Entrepreneurship that Beginners Need to Know

There are many paths to success, one of which is entrepreneurship. There are advantages to entrepreneurship that cannot be found in other professions. As an entrepreneur, you will run your own business. In other words, you are the boss of the business you build. Of course, playing in the entrepreneurial sector does not free you … Read more

15 Business Ideas for Students, Sure to Profit!

15 Business Ideas for Students, Sure to Profit! Various business ideas for students are often discussed on campus, this is due to several reasons, such as wanting to earn more money for daily living expenses or just to fill free time and sharpen skills. Yes, as a student it’s a good idea to try to … Read more

7 Skills Needed for the World of Work 2024

Change is something that will definitely happen in life, including in the world of work. Technological advances, intense competition between human resources, economic conditions and various other factors are also driving changes in the world of work. Changes will have various impacts, one of which is on the qualifications required for certain jobs. So, that … Read more

5 Causes People Choose to Change Careers, Unhappy to Challenge

Nowadays, the phenomenon of ‘career switch’ in the world of work is quite common. Quoting the results of a survey conducted by JobStreet to 17,623 respondents in October 2021, it was found that 73 percent of workers were dissatisfied with their current jobs. This dissatisfaction often develops into a sense of boredom with the career … Read more

AI Threatens Jobs, How Can We Avoid Being Replaced by AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an interesting discussion and has become a trending topic recently. This artificial intelligence can be applied in various areas of life, for example ChatGPT which is currently viral or the virtual assistants Google and Siri. Did you know, AI is not always in the form of a virtual assistant or … Read more